Hand-held laser welding: Highest precision, fast welding and easy to learn

Manual laser welding is a technology that enables the welding of materials with high precision and efficiency. It is a form of laser welding in which the laser beam is directed onto the material to be welded via a hand guide. This technology is particularly suitable for processing thick, thin and reflective metals without causing distortion, deformation, undercutting or burn-through.

One advantage of manual laser welding is its high precision and accuracy. By using a very narrow laser beam, very precise and clean welds can be produced. In addition, hand guidance allows flexible handling and reaching hard-to-reach areas. Hand-guided laser welding is also a very efficient technology, as it allows materials to be welded quickly with minimal material loss and is easy to learn.

Another advantage of handheld laser welding is its ability to weld a wide range of materials, including metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, nickel alloys and copper, as well as alloyed materials. It is used in a wide variety of applications. These include the manufacture, repair and maintenance of products in mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, aerospace and medical technology.

LightWELD Hand-held laser welding technology from IPG

LightWELD is IPG's first handheld laser welder used to produce high quality and precise laser welded joints. LightWELD is the first handheld laser welder that utilizes the latest laser welding technology to process a variety of materials and cover a wide range of applications. The product is known for its high efficiency and ability to achieve precise and fast results. IPG is a leader in the field of laser technology. The company enjoys a good reputation for the quality and reliability of its products.

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More productivity and flexibility due to less heat input and distortion

TIG welding generates extreme heat that can deform thin materials. Copper is difficult to weld with this method, and there is limited capacity for metals of varying thickness. MIG welding requires wire that is consumed, pre-cleaning of the material, and beveled edges on thick metals to achieve a full penetration weld. The working area and possible angles are limited, and vertical positions are extremely difficult. LightWELD, an IPG product, offers an alternative to these conventional welding methods. It enables much faster welding and is easier to learn and use. For a wide range of materials and material thicknesses, it delivers more consistent and higher quality results than MIG and TIG welding with less distortion, deformation, undersize and burnout. Utilizing the latest laser welding technology, LightWELD allows dissimilar metals of varying thicknesses to be welded with little effort and produces strong, aesthetic joints with little or no wire.

Traditionelle Schweißmethoden LightWELD Laser Handschweißen
Geschwindigkeit Durchschnittlich Bis zu 4X schneller als WIG
Qualität Je nach Nutzererfahrung Ergebnisse von hoher Qualität und Konsistenz
Lernkurve Aufwending Schnell und einfach
Vorbereitung Kritisch und zeitaufwändig Minimal und schnell
Materialflexibilität Begrenzt durch Änderungen der Verbrauchsmaterialien Große Bandbreite ohne Rüstzeit
Verzerrung & Verformung Hoch Sehr gering
Wärmeeinflussbereich Groß Klein
Wobbelschweißen Nein Ja – bis zu 5 mm zusätzliche Schweißbreite
Vorreinigung Nein Ja - Entfernt Rost, Oxide, Öle und Fette
Nachreinigung Nein Ja - Entfernt Ruß, Ablagerungen und Verfärbungen

Built-in parameters & stored welding modes to guarantee optimal results

With LightWELD, you can switch quickly and easily between different welding modes. This enables you to achieve consistently high welding quality. Even less experienced users only need a short briefing and are able to work like an experienced welder after a short time.

Modes include wobble parameters for wider welds and workpieces with a poor fit. Advanced users can create and save programs for material combinations and switch directly between modes. Pre-saved modes can be used by less experienced operators to achieve the same results, increasing productivity and reducing scrap.

With IPG's LightWELD handheld laser welding system, you can weld faster, easier, more accurately and more flexibly than with traditional welding methods.

LightWELD material spectrum

Material Stärke Einseitige Schweißung Stärke Doppelseitige Schweißung
Edelstahl bis zu 4 mm bis zu 10 mm
Verzinkter Stahl bis zu 4 mm bis zu 10 mm
Baustahl bis zu 4 mm bis zu 10 mm
Aluminum bis zu 4 mm bis zu 10 mm
Kupfer bis zu 1 mm bis zu 2 mm

With IPG LightWELD, thick, thin, reflective and dissimilar metals can be welded wirelessly, which is difficult or impossible with conventional methods. Materials with different electrical conductivity can also be processed, which expands the application range and increases flexibility.

Highest welding performance, pre-cleaning and post-cleaning with a single system

IPG LightWELD can be used to weld metals that are difficult or impossible to work with TIG welding, such as copper and materials with high and low electrical conductivity. Thick metals can also be welded to thin sheets and thin joints. With this handheld laser welding system, seams and corners can be welded with little or no wire, allowing aesthetically pleasing fillet welds for strong joints without excess metal. Significantly less finishing work, such as grinding or polishing, is also required, reducing labor costs. In addition, no cleaning or disposal is required. In addition to laser welding, the LightWELD XC and LightWELD XR models offer the option of laser cleaning. Pre-weld cleaning can be used to remove oxides, rust, paint, oil or grease from the surfaces being welded. Post-weld cleaning removes soot and welding-related contaminants. This increases the quality and precision of welded joints and facilitates equipment maintenance. With IPG LightWELD you have a versatile and powerful solution for your welding needs.

IPG LightWELD - the first portable laser welding system with robust and environmentally friendly features

The IPG LightWELD is the first portable laser welding system available on the market. With its compact size and light weight, it is ideal to be used in welding trucks and can be easily transported. It is ruggedly designed to ensure long life in operation and when transported to remote locations. The system is equipped with automatic air cooling and features integrated, programmable weld gas control and purging prior to process start. With low energy consumption, clean operation and low noise, the system enables environmentally friendly welding. Material consumption, cleaning and disposal efforts are reduced.

Simple operation for high-quality, consistent welding results

With the IPG Lightweld laser welding system, even welding beginners can start welding within a few training hours. Welding parameters are preset to ensure consistently high quality welds. The simple control system allows selection from 74 stored modes. In addition, user-defined process parameters can be stored. With user-defined parameters for laser power, wobble width and frequency stored in user modes and recalled as needed, the operator can achieve the same high quality and uniformity of welds as an experienced welder. Mode selection is also simple. This makes it possible to switch quickly between different material combinations.

Hand-held laser welding system - The compact and powerful solution for welding in the professional field

The IPG LightWELD laser welding system consists of a compact, portable welding gun that is ergonomic, lightweight and easy to operate. It features an integrated wobble function and a double-safety contact sensor that allows operation only when there is manual contact with the trigger and the workpiece to increase operational safety. The system comes with tips for optimal welding of various joint types and a 5-m hose package that includes the fiber laser beam guide, gas and electrical signals to the base. An optional extension up to 10 m is available. The hand-held laser welding system is compatible with all leading wire feed options and enables increased productivity through integrated wobble welding. Simple "on-the-fly" control allows additional weld width of up to 5 mm with selectable frequencies and achieves high-quality, aesthetic welds even with poor workpiece fit. Wobble parameters are preset and can be stored by the user for immediate recall when needed. An optional wire feeder is available to expand the laser welding capabilities for poor fitting workpieces. This is used for steel, stainless steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metals and alloys. The package includes the wire feeding unit, electrical connections, nozzle assembly and IPG software for the process modes.

Questions and answers about IPG LightWELD laser welding systems

  • What is IPG LightWELD?

    IPG LightWELD are handheld laser welders manufactured by IPG Photonics. LightWELD are the first handheld laser welders available on the market.

  • Which materials can be welded with the IPG Lightweld?

    IPG lightweld lasers are suitable for welding a wide range of metals, including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper and titanium, as well as a number of alloys.

  • What advantages does IPG LightWELD laser welding offer over other welding processes?

    IPG Lightweld lasers are characterized by high precision, low heat impact on the surrounding material and good weld seam quality. They can also be used for welding thin materials and in hard-to-reach places. Another advantage is that even less experienced welders are able to achieve high-quality results after only a brief instruction.

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