High quality welding accessories for best results

For many years, we have not only been a reliable solution partner for our customers in the field of welding technology, but also a contact for the supply of welding accessories and spare parts. From welding torches to current nozzles, welding wire and suction equipment to cleaning equipment, you only get first-class accessories from us.

The quick availability of spare parts and welding accessories is essential for our customers. Therefore, we keep many products in our large warehouse ready for immediate shipment. In particularly urgent cases, you can also pick up urgently needed parts in person at our main warehouse in Wolfern - after prior arrangement by telephone.

If a desired product is not in stock, we will procure it quickly and deliver it to you immediately.

Wear parts and welding accessories for every need

You do not want to compromise on quality and reliability when it comes to wear parts and accessories for your welding technology? Then you are in good hands with Lasaco. Whether you are looking for high-quality automatic welding masks for occupational safety or need spare parts for welding torches - we always have the right solution for you.

Filler materials for welding

In our assortment you will find first-class welding consumables from well-known manufacturers. From solders to electrodes and rods to wires, barrels and many other products, you will find many filler metals in our offer.

Welding masks for optimum occupational safety

Handling welding technology requires not only professional handling, but also first-class protective equipment. As an employer, you have a responsibility to provide your employees with the best possible protection against hazards when handling welding technology. In addition to the ever-present danger to the eyes from harmful UV radiation, good welding masks should also protect against welding fumes. Harmful vapors and fumes that are inevitably generated during welding should not be inhaled at all, if possible.

We offer high quality automatic welding masks with 3M Speedglas and other worldwide proven equipment including spare parts for the protection of your welding personnel. The exact design of occupational safety measures depends, on the one hand, on the applicable regulations and, on the other hand, on the individual requirements of the employee, the employer and the current project.

Welding masks

No one should operate a welding machine without high-quality protective masks. Protect your employees with reliable technology.

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Weld seam cleaning for better quality

When welding with MIG-MAG, TIG and other types of welding, impurities often occur in the material in the area of the weld seam. These include, for example, the introduction of rust due to heat oxidation, discoloration due to heat and similar problems that can affect the quality of your welds.

To avoid these problems, electrochemical weld cleaning for MIG-MAG, TIG and other types of welding has proven its worth for many years. In this process, contaminants of all kinds are effectively removed by a combination of mild electrolytic fluids and weak current flow.

Weld cleaning should always be performed to increase the corrosion resistance of metal surfaces after using TIG, MIG-MAG and other welding processes.

Our Cougartron weld cleaner is suitable for daily use and reliably removes heat colors, oxides, discoloration and other contaminants that can develop on surfaces such as stainless steel.

Matching Cougartron weld cleaning machines deliver excellent cleaning results without the generation of hazardous pickling paste fumes or grinding dust.

Weld seam cleaning with professional equipment

Take advantage of our weld cleaning equipment and increase the quality of your welding work without much effort.

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Powerful welding fume extraction for professionals

For reliable and first-class extraction of harmful welding fumes, we recommend the powerful extraction units from KEMPER. By extracting fumes and welding smoke, you will not only increase the air quality in the workplace, but also the satisfaction of your employees, who will no longer be exposed to the unpleasant emissions of MIG-MAG and TIG welding technology.

We offer solutions for welding fume extraction in various forms and designs that can be configured according to individual needs. Whether mobile extraction units, smart filter systems or complex high-performance room ventilation systems - we can provide you with customized solutions for your operation.

For more than 40 years, extraction solutions from KEMPER have ensured optimum occupational safety when handling MIG-MAG and TIG welding technology.

Extraction system for optimum safety

Don't let your employees breathe in welding fumes. With our extraction systems, we cover every need.

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If you have any questions about any of our products, please feel free to send us an inquiry. We will get in touch with you.

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LASACO's cooperation partners at a glance

Since all customers have their own ideas, wishes and technical requirements for their individual order, we work together with strong partners. This is the only way to provide the required quality and reliability for applications in industry and trade. Here you will find an overview of the renowned manufacturers with whom we cooperate in the field of welding and robot technology as well as other components. Quality is our top priority. Always.