Oxyfuel cutting machine for plasma cutting

A P-Series plasma cutting system is particularly suitable for cutting thicker sheets. The design of the entire system is correspondingly robust. Precision and quality of the cutting processes are ensured by a Hypertherm torch head, a matched plasma source and a reliable CNC control system. In addition, the plasma cutting system can be modified for various jobs by adding optional tube cutting, a 5-axis bevel head, an oxyfuel cutting torch or a multi-plasma torch. P-Series plasma machines not only allow you to cut with extreme precision. They also have the necessary power for great working speeds and high piece counts.

Overview of the equipment variants of the MVD IPlasma cutting system:

The extensive standard equipment of this plasma cutting system includes the following features:

  • strong and reliable energy source: Hypertherm MaxPro 200 and automatic gas control unit.

  • Sensor THC for precise burner height control (automatic)

  • user-friendly ESA S650W control unit

  • compatible with Libellula CAD/CAM software

  • CNC control for automatic air intake system

  • axis positioning: accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm at a speed of up to 40 m/min

  • Torch head with collision sensor

  • Robust construction for easy loading and unloading of components

Optionally you can order the following equipment:

  • CNC control with Hypertherm Edge Connect/TC

  • Various Hypertherm power source options (depending on sheet thickness)

  • Automatic gas consoles

  • Compatibility with Lantek CAD/CAM software for automatic nesting

  • Hypertherm ProNest CAD/CAM software for even more precise results

  • high-performance filter unit

  • consumables in convenient starter kit

  • 5-axis torch head

  • double bridge

  • Pipe cutter

  • Oxyfuel torch head option - Tanaka torch - Knife torch

  • Multi-plasma heads

  • True Hole

The advantages of our plasma cutting systems at a glance:

  • Steel structure

    Even the basic construction of our plasma cutting systems is designed to be extremely robust and durable.

  • Precise Hypertherm cutting head

    This cutting head gets the most out of your plasma cutting system. No matter whether you want to cut thick or very thin sheets: The improved productivity due to high cutting speed reduces operating costs while providing very good cutting quality and a long service life.

  • CNC control system ESA/Hypertherm

    The especially user-friendly designed operation makes plasma cutting even easier for your personnel and more efficient for your company.

  • Hypertherm - energy source

    Reliable and powerful power source ensures fast plasma cutting and higher productivity. Consumables are very easy to replace. Minimize operating costs and maximize the productivity of your plasma cutting system.

  • Racks and linear guide

    The high-precision operation of the plasma cutting system is guaranteed by compliance with the authoritative CE standard.

  • Local pneumatic suction system

    The extraction of gases and pollutants takes place via a pneumatic suction system whose flaps are precisely opened and closed via the PLC software. Optimum suction performance is achieved by only ever opening the flaps that are directly in the cutting area. This also reduces the energy requirement of the suction system.

  • Low-wear cable tray

    The cable trays are manufactured according to CE standard and ensure very quiet operation without premature wear due to friction and breakage of the cables during long service life.

  • Automatic burner height control

    For precise results, this system continuously monitors the surface of the sheet to be cut. In the event of unevenness, the height control system automatically compensates the distance to the torch to avoid any risk of quality loss in the cut. If there is a production error or even a collision between the torch head and the component, the system stops automatically to protect operators and equipment.

  • High quality A/C servo motors

    The servo motors on all axes of the plasma cutting system are manufactured according to CE standards and provide reliable service.

    User-friendly system control: ESA S650

    The ESA S650 is equipped with an easy-to-read 15-inch touchscreen that offers various language options. The particularly user-friendly interface and ergonomic design benefit efficient operation in everyday work.

    Hypertherm EDGE Connect CNC automatic control system

    Plasma cutting becomes even more efficient with this new generation from Hypertherm. EDGE Connect meets the requirements for Industry 4.0 applications and offers various new software functions, more extensive hardware and options for individual system configuration. New features are implemented using Hypertherm's award-winning Phoenix Version 10 CNC software, including automatic nesting, compatibility with ProNest CNC and SureCut technology. The control system easily integrates on-site with compatible plasma cutting systems.

    How True Hole Technology Advances Plasma Cutting

    Hypertherm introduced True Hole, an extension of SureCut technology, in 2008. It is part of the HPR XD autogas product family and is now available for the first time on Hypertherm XPR300 systems. The result is a significant improvement in hole quality for mild steel, surpassing previous plasma cutting capabilities for mild steel. Through automatic adjustments that require no user intervention, plasma cutting systems with True Hole technology can cut mild steel up to 25 millimeters thick.

    Additional options for the torch head

    The optionally available 5-axis cutting head enables 3D and angle cuts. Angles of up to 45° are calculated and created fully automatically without user intervention. If you want to make horizontal or vertical cuts in between, the 5-axis cutting head can also be used statically fixed.


    • excellent hole quality for screw connections

    • low production costs

    • short transition times

    • excellent results in contour cutting

    Plasma cutting with highest precision

    The patented and proven Hypertherm technologies of the MVD plasma series ensure the highest precision and cutting quality. The following features support users in precise plasma cutting:

    • Power Pierce: Molten metal is cleanly removed during piercing by the injection of the cooling liquid.

    • LongLife provides controlled gas pickup and accurate flow rates.

    • HyDefinition increases the density and speed of the plasma jet without compromising its stability. Cut edges become smoother and more uniform.

    Autogenous plasma cutting with oxygen

    The CNC-controlled MVD plasma cutting systems also enable autogenous plasma cutting with oxygen. Cuts up to a depth of 200 mm can be realized with it. Through certain modifications, this value can be exceeded.

    Recommended and compatible CAD/CAM software

    The manufacturer recommends the use of compatible CAD/CAM software such as Libellula 3D from Lantek or ProNest from Nesting Software for the efficient operation of the plasma cutting system.

    Both programs allow perfect efficiency for nesting, whether it is to be done manually or automatically. In addition, both solutions support easy 2D and 3D import of existing CAD/CAM files.

    Advantages of Libellula:

    • works with standard bearings and remnants from previous processes

    • automatic determination of the cutting path; time and cost analysis possible

    • simulation possibility before starting the cut

    • various input and output methods for piercing, micro-jointing, bridge and edge binding

    Advantages of ProNest:

    • extensive library for parts development

    • Import of PDF files

    • conversion of static images to CAD files

    • automatic error correction

    LASACO's cooperation partners at a glance

    Since all customers have their own ideas, wishes and technical requirements for their individual order, we work together with strong partners. This is the only way to provide the required quality and reliability for applications in industry and trade. Here you will find an overview of the renowned manufacturers with whom we cooperate in the field of welding and in industrial robot technology as well as other components. Quality is our top priority. Always.