LASACO IBend D-Series

The unique press brake for error-free work and excellent bending results The body and the upper beam are constructed of steel according to minimum elongation and optimum resistance criteria.

Standard equipment LASACO IBend D series:

  • 4-axis Y1, Y2, X, R CNC (X + R servo)

  • 410 mm stroke, 510 mm throat

  • ESA S650 CNC control system

  • Servo motorized backgauge with accuracy of ± 0.03 mm. X = 750 mm, R = 250 mm

  • Mechanical quick clamping of the upper tool (European type)

  • Laterally movable front support arms with hand crank

  • Motorized crowning with original WILA wedge bottom

  • Special MVD table width (European type)

    GIVI Linear glass scale

  • Standard upper tools (punch) (H: 67 mm, 85 °, R: 0.8 mm)

  • Standard lower tool (die) (60x60 mm, 4 channels - V = 16-22-35-50 mm, 85⁰, H: 60 mm)

    LED lighting

Optional equipment LASACO IBend D series:

  • Extendable backgauge axes to 4-6-8 axes

  • ROLLERI ROL 200 hydraulic tool clamping system

  • Wila hydraulic upper and lower die clamping system

  • Wide under table for multi-channel mold multi-V dies

  • X-axis travel extendable to 1000 mm

  • AKAS or DSP laser finger protection systems

  • Additional expandable backgauge fingers

  • Additional expandable laser finger protection systems