The perfect choice: LASACO iBend A series bending machine

For perfect bending results and error-free work, this particular press brake offers you an economical and at the same time very productive solution. The durable device for sheet metal working is designed to be very robust. The upper beam and body of the bending machine are made of steel, with minimum elongation and optimum resistance tolerances.

Equipment options of the iBend A-Series bending machine

Lasaco's iBend A Series offers additional equipment options on request, in addition to the standard equipment.

Standard equipment of the LASACO iBend A series for optimal sheet metal working

  • Three usable CNC axes (X, Y1 and Y2).

  • The projection is: 410 mm; the stroke: 210 mm

  • Control system with ESA S540 CNC module

  • Backgauge with AC motorization (accuracy: +/- 0.003 mm; X = 750 mm, R = 250 mm)

  • Manual tool holder type Promekam

  • European MVD table width

  • Standard upper tool (punch: height 67 mm, 85°; radius: 0.8 mm)

  • Standard lower tool (die: 60 x 60 mm, 4 channels - V = 16-22-35-50 mm, 85°, height: 60 mm)

  • Linear mounted quality glass scale for optimal precision

  • Top bar with LED illumination for precise work

Additional equipment for LASACO iBend A series

  • Optional motorization of the R-axis at the backgauge

  • Laterally movable arms on the front support

  • Wider table for multi-V dies (multi-channel shape)

  • WILA wedge bottom bombing

  • Laser finger protection system (AKAS or DSP)

  • Optional additional finger on backgauge

  • Front safety system with laser beam