LASACO Bending machines for sheet metal

Our customized machines are designed using CAD and produced as a robust welded steel structure. Through the CAD data and the analyses of strength and stress values, the production takes place on precise CNC machines. The individual basic constructions are then supplemented with the components of our world-renowned partners. After the successful quality control, a perfect bending machine is delivered to the customer.

LASACO iBend A Series

This bending machine represents the cost-effective entry when it comes to bending thinner sheets. Even with this simpler press brake, they achieve excellent results.

About the iBend A

LASACO iBend B Series

This press brake is the all-rounder among the bending machines. It delivers error-free results and offers a very good price-performance ratio due to the reasonable production speed.

About the iBend B

LASACO iBend C Series

A bending machine that leaves hardly anything to be desired. Thanks to its many options, this press brake can be customized in the best possible way.

About the iBend C

LASACO iBend D Series

The press brake with full equipment. With this bending machine for sheet metal, even complex shapes and special requirements can be met.

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Lasaco bending machines for all applications

Lasaco's system solutions always allow optimal customization according to specific customer requirements. Depending on your requirements, thanks to the cooperation with renowned manufacturers of bending machines and press brakes for sheet metal, Lasaco can offer a solution that is both economical and leaves nothing to be desired in terms of quality. In addition to the high-quality machines of the world-renowned manufacturer MVD, with whom we have been successfully cooperating for a long time, in the future we will also offer our own brand for die bending or press braking. This will round off our offer for customers who want a particularly good price-performance ratio.

Demanding industries rely on Lasaco's expertise

Our sheet metal working machines are used in a wide range of industries, including such demanding sectors as automotive, aircraft, shipbuilding and rail. All these industries have in common that they have to work cost-efficiently in sheet metal processing, but must not compromise on quality, if only for safety reasons. Here Lasaco, together with MVD, delivers outstanding system solutions in the field of bending machines for sheet metal in a wide range of formats, thicknesses and material compositions.

Automation according to individual specifications with Lasaco

Thanks to well thought-out automation concepts, we can also help you convert your production to fully or partially automated manufacturing. Even complex requirements for particularly demanding parts production can usually be implemented. The individualization of the machines is carried out exactly according to your specifications and, of course, after detailed consultation. Our experts are constantly educating themselves and attend training courses of the manufacturer MVD. In turn, Lasaco is happy to make this expert knowledge available to you as part of personnel training and introductory events when your bending machines are put into operation.

Planning, production and service - all from a single source

At Lasaco, you get everything from a single source - from the initial consultation to the exact needs analysis and planning to the delivery and subsequent support by excellent customer service. Feel free to contact us for an individual offer - we offer the right solution for almost any requirement.

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Die bending with Lasaco bending machines

Press brakes work on the principle of so-called die bending. In die bending, the sheet metal is bent by contact with a press beam. This is moved downwards in a controlled manner to press the flat workpiece into the so-called die. This V-shaped die is also called the lower die, while the downward movement is performed by the upper die. As a result, die bending leads to a straight forming of the respective workpiece. To prevent the sheet from slipping during the bending process, it is held exactly in the desired position by back gauges.

Precise positioning for repeated die bending

The backgauges enable exact repetition of die bending by perfect positioning of the workpieces on the die. If you use an automated press brake, the positioning is usually done by computer-controlled backgauges configured according to the CNC frame data.

LASACO's cooperation partners at a glance

Since all customers have their own ideas, wishes and technical requirements for their individual order, we work together with strong partners. This is the only way to provide the required quality and reliability for applications in industry and trade. Here you will find an overview of the renowned manufacturers with whom we cooperate in the field of welding and industrial robotics as well as for other components. Quality is our top priority. Always.