Installation and commissioning are this easy

Small and medium-sized companies in particular are often very reluctant in the field of automation because they fear a complicated and expensive commissioning of industrial robots. Lasaco has proven for many years that both installation and commissioning can be implemented very well for customized automation solutions. It does not matter whether it is a single industrial robot or a complex manufacturing plant. We always adapt ourselves and our solutions to your individual needs.

This is made possible by taking the customer's wishes into account at every stage of the project. Depending on the specific conditions of the plant, the industrial robot is either assembled and commissioned directly at the customer's site or delivered already configured. In particular, large and complex plants can be commissioned in advance at Lasaco to facilitate smooth and rapid integration into the operating processes.

With these capabilities, we can deliver and analyze weld samples at a very early stage to test the efficiency and quality of the automation in advance. The complex interaction between industrial robots and the components to be processed can also be individually configured and adapted, starting with the required fixtures and ending with the complete process sequence.

This is how the assembly of a welding robot from KUKA takes place at the customer's site

These pictures show you how we install and commission a KUKA welding robot