Project development and planning of automated manufacturing plants

Whether a single robot cell or a complex production plant with several industrial robots - we develop individual automation solutions for you.

Starting with a coherent concept for the project management of your automation project, we ensure the consistent implementation of your ideas and wishes. We develop individual technology solutions for industrial robots and offer you comprehensive support with all relevant services in the field of robotics engineering.

The focus of our services is always the development of the technically best and economically most sensible solution for your individual problem. At the end of the road, you will benefit from significantly more efficient production, high quality and lower manufacturing costs.

In short: Lasaco supports you in all phases of planning and realization of your robot system.

Layouts and simulations enable optimizations even during the development phase

Avoid misunderstandings and surprises

During the commissioning or retrofitting of robot systems, problems often occur that were not to be expected in this way. Therefore, with the detailed layout and the realistic simulation of the planned robot system, we offer the possibility to detect possible problems at an early stage. In this way, time- and cost-intensive weak points in the design of the industrial robot can be identified and eliminated from the outset.

What technology do we use for the design?

The industrial robots are tested in interaction with the entire robotic plant in a realistic 3D simulation. The layout of the plant can be varied and changed as desired in order to come as close as possible to the optimum configuration in reality. All functions of the industrial robots are implemented in the simulation and taken into account accordingly. This allows you to view the movements of the robots and the material flow of your later production system on the screen in advance.

The visual representation of the production process also allows you to check accessibility and other conditions for their suitability for the project. As part of the simulation, you can also test cycle times and realistically assess movements and other processes of the industrial robots. All parameters of the simulation can be changed as desired to determine the optimal configuration of your plant.

3D visualization of your production line

Watch your future industrial robot at work. The realistic 3D visualization gives you a good impression of the layout of the plant, the actual space requirements as well as the sequences of different processes. If you have CAD data of the components to be handled, these can be incorporated into the visualization, making the simulation even more perfect.

Analysis of cycle times

The coordination of cycle times is a difficult process that is of particular importance for ongoing production. In order to optimize cycle times, a number of parameters as well as all involved components of the industrial robots and other plant areas must be taken into account. Any change in one parameter can potentially affect all others. The cycle time analysis can be carried out within the framework of the simulation with little effort and in the shortest possible time.

Checking the accessibility for your industrial robot

Accessibility is essential for the error-free and smooth operation of your robots. Valuable space should not be wasted, nor should there be any restriction in operation. Realistic simulation of the movements of your industrial robots allows us to assess accessibility in any operating situation. It also allows us to test different locations in your plant for suitability for the robotics system.

Virtual simulation of errors before they occur

The occurrence of errors in production operations can also be simulated virtually and examined in detail. This allows us, for example, to test the failure of certain areas and the associated effects on the rest of the plant without risking damage or impairment of production or the industrial robots in reality.

Your benefit:

The comprehensive simulation of complex robot systems helps you to detect unexpected problems and errors before they occur in reality and have expensive consequences. It also identifies potential problems during implementation before commissioning. With the help of simulations, various process parameters can be changed and the effects on cycle time can be precisely analyzed.

Efficient e-planning enables individual adjustments

Lasaco aligns the entire robot system exactly to your wishes and requirements. Therefore, you also need an individual e-planning of your industrial robots and other components.

During this planning process, a wide variety of aspects are taken into account. These include operational safety, possible interference from external signals, stability in the event of power fluctuations and much more.

Of course, E-planning also takes into account the possible implementation of customer-specific systems and components or the establishment of interfaces to third-party systems at an early stage.

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Fixture planning for efficient manufacturing processes

Complex components or high-volume parts must always be precisely placed and fixed so that the industrial robot can handle them correctly. Precisely fitting fixtures ensure a high throughput frequency and stable quality in production at the same time.

Lasaco designs individual fixtures based on mechanical, magnetic, hydraulic and pneumatic modes of operation, and these can also be combined with each other.

The planning is based on customer-specific 3D data for components and enables an individual realization of the required fixtures.


The manufacturer KUKA is known all over the world as a leading manufacturer of automation and industrial robots. They are not only used for welding technology, but can be found in almost all sectors and areas of industry. KUKA robots are considered particularly reliable and durable.


The robotics division of this manufacturer also enjoys a global reputation in the field of automation. Industrial robots from ABB are used not only in large companies, but also by medium-sized businesses and craftsmen who rely on reliable solutions.

Reis Robotics

Reis Robotics' know-how is almost legendary in the industry. Perhaps this is one reason why KUKA has now taken over this traditional manufacturer of automation solutions. Although new systems are no longer sold by Reis Robotics, we still offer a comprehensive service for the maintenance and, if necessary, repair of existing Reis industrial robots. Of course including complete spare parts supply.


In Europe, Panasonic is mainly known for consumer electronics, but in Japan, industrial robots and automation with Panasonic components are among the leading products in their segment. Lasaco has been cooperating very successfully with this renowned manufacturer for a long time.

LASACO's cooperation partners at a glance

Since all customers have their own ideas, wishes and technical requirements for their individual order, we work together with strong partners. This is the only way to provide the required quality and reliability for applications in industry and trade. Here you will find an overview of the renowned manufacturers with whom we cooperate in the field of welding and robot technology as well as other components. Quality is our top priority. Always.