Why do you need a welding equipment rental service?

Many smaller companies rarely need their own welding technology. Even larger companies cannot and do not want to maintain specific capacities for every individual project. In addition to contract welding, which we also offer to our customers, a rental service for welding technology is the ideal way to flexibly create resources for welding work at short notice or even to quickly expand existing capacities.

Test your new welding technology before buying

If you are still not sure which welding technology is best suited for your requirements, you can rent our TIG and MIG/MAG welding equipment at a reasonable price. Try out if handling, welding process and other aspects are suitable for your requirements. We offer competitive rates for welding equipment rentals, whether you need a machine for just a day, a week, or by the month. We will find the perfect individual service solution for you.

This is how easy it is to rent welding equipment from Lasaco

Renting welding equipment is particularly uncomplicated at Lasaco. Simply fill out the contact form and name your preferred machine. We will check availability and contact you as quickly as possible to clarify everything else. By the way, our telephone hotline is of course also available for individual advice.

The categories of our modern welding processes at a glance

Here you will find information on the various welding processes we can cover with our machines. From arc welding to spot welding technology and stud welding to plasma cutting and all common joining and cutting processes, we cover a wide range of service solutions.

Arc welding

At Lasaco you will find numerous welding machines that work with arc in different processes such as TIG or MIG/MAG.

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Spot welding technology

Spot welding technology is gaining importance in more and more areas of Industry 4.0. You will find precise, reliable and economical solutions for spot welding technology at Lasaco.

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Stud welding

In cooperation with our partner KÖCO, we supply you with stud welding guns and other suitable machines for a wide range of applications. Customers all over the world appreciate the reliability and quality of our stud welding technology.

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Plasma cutting

For this cutting process, you can choose between solutions from world-renowned manufacturers and our own product line for this and other cutting and welding techniques.

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Mobile welding equipment rental service with fast delivery

With us you can rent almost all welding machines on a trial basis or for specific temporary use. Lasaco offers a wide range of machines for all common welding processes such as MIG/MAG and TIG, with which you can weld most materials without any problems.

Delivery is fast and reliable, especially for mobile welding equipment, complete with all necessary accessories. If you need additional equipment such as consumables or protective equipment for your employees, we can of course also deliver these quickly and easily.

Rental equipment has many advantages

If you only need welding equipment occasionally, Lasaco's rental service is a very economical solution. Our rental equipment is, of course, state of the art and well maintained, so you won't notice any difference compared to a new piece of equipment. You can flexibly determine the rental period yourself. We have rental models that are available by the day, by the week and by the month. Since the number of our rental devices is limited, we recommend that our customers register their needs as early as possible so that the desired device is available when you need it.

Let us convince you of our services - without risk

Since our rental service offers maximum flexibility in the rental period, you can rent any available welding equipment and test it extensively before you decide to buy. Test all the functions and the performance of the welding equipment in everyday use under your individual working conditions. If the device does not meet your expectations right away, we will certainly find a suitable solution together - and you can also test it accordingly with the Lasaco rental service.

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We offer welding machines of these manufacturers for rent:


Lorch welding solutions have been used in industry and trade for over 65 years. The company operates one of the most modern production facilities for welding equipment. Lorch's tradition and experience combine with future-oriented technology for innovative solutions.


In the manufacture of spot and projection welding equipment, our partner TECNA has a particularly good reputation. The devices of this manufacturer are used, for example, in vehicle construction, in body shops, in sheet metal processing, in the household appliance industry and many other areas.


Köco specializes in the manufacture of stud welding technology and matching studs that are used in fastening technology worldwide. The innovative developments inspire our customers again and again.


As the world's leading manufacturer of surface treatment and passivation solutions for stainless steel, Cougartron is our partner for electrolytic weld cleaning, polishing and marking or etching of components.

LASACO's cooperation partners at a glance

Since all customers have their own ideas, wishes and technical requirements for their individual order, we work together with strong partners. This is the only way to provide the required quality and reliability for applications in industry and trade. Here you will find an overview of the renowned manufacturers with whom we cooperate in the field of welding and industrial robotics as well as for other components. Quality is our top priority. Always.