Laser contract welding: outsourcing of high-quality welding tasks

Not all companies have their own capacities for laser welding technology. Since we also accept orders for contract welding, we can gladly take over the manufacture of your required sample components or a small series of production parts for you in an uncomplicated manner.

In addition to the production of new components, we also offer the repair of mold and tool parts using laser welding technology. This process is suitable for welding a particularly large number of materials, for example:

Gold Graphite Aluminum
Stainless steel Various plastics and many more

On request, we manufacture your components for the assessment of samples as well as complete small series. The production takes place individually for you in our workshops. We have a variety of different laser welding systems for manual contract welding. We use solid-state lasers with a maximum power of up to 300 watts for this work. Thus, you will find a suitable solution for almost all requirements in our portfolio.

Contract welding with laser welding technology is one of our specialties

In recent years, innovative laser welding technology has gained a great deal of importance and has gained a firm place among the various joining processes and welding technologies. The laser as an energy source offers a wide range of applications to meet the growing challenges of quality and cost efficiency in Industry 4.0.

Laser contract welding is suitable for countless industries of the most diverse nature. Lasaco has a large staff of experts who have made a name for themselves in the field of laser welding technology for many years. As a solution partner for individual challenges, we are of course happy to put our expertise at your service.

What are the advantages of laser welding technology in contract welding?

No matter what name you use: Laser welding or laser beam welding is considered one of the most innovative joining processes for a wide variety of materials. Together with laser soldering, this welding technology covers an incredibly wide range of possible applications that can be used for a wide variety of industries.

Unlike other joining processes in welding technology, contract laser welding uses pure light as the energy source. The intense laser radiation melts the base material to achieve the desired joint between the materials. Laser cutting is just as precise as it is economical, and can significantly improve the productivity of companies - without compromising on quality.

What advantages does contract laser welding have for you?

Companies of all sizes - from innovative startups to medium-sized businesses to large-scale industry - regularly have a need for the production of high-quality sample components for their customers. However, it is by no means always worthwhile to build up and maintain in-house capacities for laser welding. The same applies to the production of small series on a limited scale.

Contract welding offers an optimal intermediate solution between the cost-intensive creation of own capacities and the renunciation of certain production methods. On your behalf, we can produce all the sample and small-series components you require. Even the repair of defective molded parts or tool parts is often very economically possible with laser welding.

Whatever your individual needs are: Please feel free to contact us. We will advise you personally on the possibilities of our contract welding capacities and realize your projects together. Reliable, high-quality and economical.

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LASACO's cooperation partners at a glance

Since all customers have their own ideas, wishes and technical requirements for their individual order, we work together with strong partners. This is the only way to provide the required quality and reliability for applications in industry and trade. Here you will find an overview of the renowned manufacturers with whom we cooperate in the field of welding and industrial robotics as well as for other components. Quality is our top priority. Always.