Initial situation for the MVD iShear B10 oscillating shear project

This customer is primarily involved in the production of truck bodies, offering both series products and individual fabrications. The individual cutting of sheets and plates made of steel or aluminum is part of everyday business here. A modern and powerful guillotine shear is required for rapid processing. The cutting quality is of outstanding importance for the accuracy of fit and further processing of the workpieces in the production process.

Together with the customer, we carried out an exact needs analysis in order to be able to select the suitable guillotine shear. Details such as the conditions at the installation site were taken into account, as were the materials to be cut with the guillotine shears. Based on these parameters, the MVD iShear B10 swing-cutting shear was finally selected.

Plant configuration of the MVD iShear B10 guillotine shear for the customer

MVD's iShear Series B is a powerful hydraulic swing-cutting shear that occupies a special position among normal guillotine shears. Among other things, it is suitable for the precise cutting of sheet metal with a thickness between 6 and 25 mm. The cutting length can be freely selected in the range from 1.5 to 6 meters.

The customer does not use sheets exceeding a material thickness of 10 mm. The width of the workpieces is limited to a maximum of three meters, which is why the dimensions of the MVD iShear B10 with a processing width of 3100 mm perfectly fit the spatial conditions on site.

Sheet metal working with the highest precision

As standard, the iShear B-Series from MVD is equipped with a motorized backgauge that is operated with alternating current (AC). This allows very precise positioning of sheets and plates with a tolerance of only +/- 0.1 mm. The precise positioning is monitored via a display. This enables the operating personnel to position the workpieces with pinpoint accuracy and adjust them if necessary. For particularly small parts, the integrated setup guard can be folded up. This means that compact workpieces can also be machined with the same precision as large parts.

Since the customer also produces series parts for truck bodies, the accuracy of fit of the sheet metal processing is non-negotiable so that the parts fit perfectly with the large series products. The MVD iShear B-Series meets these specifications and is of course just as suitable for individual one-off production with the highest precision.

Optional extensions of the MVD iShear for the project

Due to the customer's versatile machining requirements in the production process, we recommended the additional installation of an automatic cutting gap adjustment. This optional equipment of the iShear B-series enables quick changeover between different material thicknesses and simplifies operation considerably. Operators simply have to enter the desired material type and thickness on the display. A motor then adjusts the kerf fully automatically and with high precision to the desired value.

Control system of the MVD iShear B-10 guillotine shear

The swing cut shear for sheet metal processing must be precisely controlled. An ELGO P40T control system was used for this customer. It has a TFT touch display in 5.7 inch format. This makes it possible, for example, to switch to manual mode if this is required as part of the sheet metal processing. In addition, adjustments or the creation of new programs can also be implemented via the display. If, for example, series production is required, the backgauge can be adjusted automatically via the control system and a correspondingly defined program.

All in all, this control system offers the best balance between user-friendliness and modification options that exactly match the customer's requirements. Other options can of course be implemented for other applications and customers. At Lasaco we design systems that are generally perfectly adapted to your requirements.

Assembly, commissioning and training for the use of the MVD iShear

For transport, certain parts have to be dismantled in larger plants. The iShear B10 guillotine shear was placed using a crane. The exact alignment was carried out by our technicians using a machine spirit level. After the assembly of all parts, the hydraulic system components were filled with oil and connected to the power supply.

As soon as the machine is completed, we test all functions at our factory. Therefore, the commissioning at the customer's site usually represents a recommissioning of the guillotine shear. Here, too, all functions and parameters are tested again by cutting various materials of different lengths and thicknesses. Of course, attention is also paid to the precise observance of all angles.

This was followed by comprehensive training of the operating personnel and advice on compliance with maintenance and lubrication intervals.

Highlights of the MVD iShear B-10 project:

  • B10 for machining up to 10mm material thickness

  • 3100mm maximum machining width

  • AC- Motorized backgauge

  • Automatic cutting gap adjustment

  • ELGO P40T control

Project Gallery

Here you can see some pictures of the plant after delivery to the customer.