Initial situation for the MVD iLaser F4 fiber laser project

Lasaco is known for its ability to implement individual customer requests and special specifications. Whether heavy industry, vehicle manufacturing or Industry 4.0 - our fiber lasers for laser cutting are adapted by us to the framework conditions of the respective project. In this case, it was about a customer who, as a manufacturer of custom-made trucks, could not use off-the-shelf solutions. In particular, the requirement to handle material thicknesses of up to 25 millimeters was a basic requirement. With the 4 kW fiber laser from Raycus, we were able to offer the right solution for this challenge.

Configuration of the MVD iLaser cutting system for the customer

Due to the customer's format specifications, we recommended the installation of an MVD iLaser type F4. Due to the large working area of the system of 1535 x 3040 mm, the laser cutting of large workpieces can be implemented particularly well with this. To avoid unnecessary interruptions to the production flow, the laser cutting system has a table changing system with two tables. This system allows the cutting system to be unloaded or loaded without having to interrupt processing. This significantly increases productivity.

Below the processing table is a conveyor system that reliably removes all waste produced during laser cutting. Process monitoring is provided by a camera system inside the machine and at the rear on the loading table. This means that operation can be constantly monitored via another monitor, which benefits both process quality and safety.

Depending on the material used, dry air can often be used as cutting gas instead of oxygen or nitrogen for various material thicknesses. Since this requirement was given by the customer, we therefore installed a special booster dry air system for this MVD iLaser F4 system, which supplies up to 25 bar of dry air. Compared to the use of oxygen or nitrogen, this significantly reduces production costs.

Laser cutting machine control

A large 21-inch touch graphic screen has been installed for direct control of the MVD iLaser cutting system. It allows precise and user-friendly control of all system functions. In addition to calling up ready-made processing routines and automatic cutting programs, pure manual operation is also possible when controlling the fiber laser and shuttle table. Since the most important parameters can also be easily adjusted, this solution offers maximum operating convenience and flexibility.

Dream team: MVD iLaser with Libelulla software

For the creation of the machining program we used the proven software Libelulla. This program is used to implement the actual control of the laser cutting system in practice. Libelulla allows the import of CAD data in all common formats as well as the new design of components. In addition, users can enter the parameters for laser cutting directly within the software, supporting the efficient arrangement of components according to similarity. Thanks to these functions, components can be processed with maximum efficiency.

Assembly, commissioning and training of the operating personnel on the MVD iLaser

The laser cutting system was delivered with the support of a crane, which was used to place all the individual components in their respective designated positions in the factory. This was followed by assembly, alignment and connection of the components by our technicians. The installation also included connection to the factory's external systems, such as the compressor and filtration system.

Commissioning always represents recommissioning at Lasaco, as all components are tested for proper operation in our test facility prior to shipment. This was also the case with the MVD iLaser F4 for this customer. During recommissioning, all functions were again tested several times. During the test run, laser cutting of a wide range of material thicknesses was performed in order to test and utilize the full range of the machine.

The quality check of the cutting results was followed by comprehensive training of the operating personnel. In addition to the actual operation of the machine for laser cutting, the employees were also familiarized with the possibilities and functions of the Libelulla software.

Highlights of the Fiber Laser for Truck Special Bodies project:

  • 4kW laser for processing up to 25mm material thickness

  • 1535x3040mm cutting area

  • dry air system - booster (25bar)

  • shuttle table for efficient system use

  • Cameras with monitor for process and safety monitoring also suitable for remote access

  • Comfortable control by means of 21 inch multi touch graphic screen

  • Conveyor to discharge the cutting waste

Project Gallery

Here you can see some pictures of the plant after delivery to the customer.