The challenge: automation of MAG welding of ball valves

The welding of ball valves using the MAG process with a nominal diameter of 15 mm to 125 mm was to be automated according to the customer's request. For this purpose, we designed and delivered an industrial robot including a welding device including installation, commissioning and programming. The system configuration was to be designed as flexibly as possible in order to be able to fully cover the extreme variety of products and the extensive range of components.

In addition to reliable system technology, this required a software solution that was both reliable and flexibly adaptable. In such cases, we customize our proven in-house development Lasaco Dynamics. This software ensures optimum functionality and flexibility while at the same time being easy to program. With this solution, it is possible for the customer to reliably map even very complex work steps.

Automate complex work steps in welding technology

The operating personnel can independently adjust all parameters for the system functionality on the finished industrial robot thanks to an intuitive input mask on the screen. From complex clamping sequences to complete setup and teardown processes of the welding device to automatic insertion and removal of components, all operating steps can be tracked on the industrial monitor.

This functionality enables highly diverse requirements to be mapped and even complex work processes to be automated, such as when welding ball valves using the MAG process. Our industrial robot had an integrated IPC including an industrial monitor and an active compressor cooler to protect the components from overheating during the welding process.