Lorch Cobot TIG: How to automate demanding tasks with modern TIG welding technology

In manufacturing, in addition to excellent quality, cost efficiency is always put to the test. Above all, this includes the time required for demanding welding work. The longer this takes, the more expensive the end product. To bring more efficiency to manufacturing, you can introduce so-called collaborative welding with robotics to your company. Automation with the Lorch Cobot TIG Welding Package is particularly easy, because in this complete package we already offer you everything you need to get started.

Collaborative robot for many industries

Previously, cobot welding was only suitable for rather simple welding tasks, as the robots could not yet sufficiently implement complex welding technology. Thanks to new and innovative solutions in motion control and easily adaptable programming, the Lorch Cobot is now also suitable for complex TIG welding tasks. This benefits companies in a wide range of industries, from mechanical engineering and sheet metal processing to the food, furniture and pharmaceutical industries with their very specific requirements.

Collaborative welding with consistent quality

By using the Lorch Cobot for TIG welding tasks, you have an employee who never gets tired and always delivers the exact same quality - no matter how high the quantities are. This allows even smaller companies to keep up with larger competitors without sacrificing quality in the durability and appearance of the welds. The Lorch Cobot TIG is capable of welding different materials absolutely spatter-free - regardless of whether a filler metal is used for welding technology or not.

Automation of everyday welding tasks with the Lorch Welding Package

The Lorch Cobot for TIG is offered by us in a practical complete package under the name Lorch Welding Package TIG. The package includes all the equipment and accessories you need to automate your welding tasks. The experience of the professionals at Lasaco and Lorch is always incorporated into the further development of the collaborative robots. You therefore not only benefit from the latest technology, but can also rely on competent and reliable support for maintenance, further development and service.

Complete package for all tasks

The Lorch Welding Package TIG consists not only of the collaborative robot UR10, manufactured by the world leader in cobot products, Universal Robots. Rather, you get the top-notch, heavy-duty power source and other components such as the complete hose package and foot switch for effective operation to go along with it. All components of the Lorch Cobot for TIG welding tasks are industrial-grade and designed to be suitably robust. Even difficult operating conditions do not pose a problem.

Customized automation from the professional

The automation of welding processes requires not only the right equipment, but also the experience of a partner like Lasaco to precisely adapt the programming to the respective requirements. We integrate the Lorch Cobot TIG seamlessly and without compromise into your production environment and ensure that it can be used as easily as reliably by your operators on a day-to-day basis.

No comparison with other products

The Cobotronic software, specially developed by Lorch, is considered the industry standard for intuitive user-friendliness. Not only does it enable a considerable increase in productivity, but it can also be easily operated by unskilled workers without full welding training. As a result, you significantly reduce your personnel costs at peak times.

Robotics from a master hand

The Lorch Cobot WIG is specifically designed for interaction with human personnel and offers various safety solutions that have been integrated into the design. In addition, the UR 10 from Universal Robots is characterized by its lightweight construction technology.

Optimal processes

With the Lorch Cobot Welding Package, you not only acquire the best quality welding technology from Lorch, but also a solution that has been optimized specifically for cobot welding. This is what makes consistent welding results of the highest quality and optimum operating processes possible in the first place.

Professional support on site

Lasaco is among the certified Cobot partners who are more than familiar with Lorch products. Our experts are at your disposal with their competence and experience for consultations, live demonstrations of the technology, training of your staff and comprehensive on-site service. Interesting options are also available for financing. Rely on professional quality - not only for the equipment, but also for continued customer support after the purchase.

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