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Tecna Universal Welding Station - 3450

TECNA Universal welding station - 3450

Body repairs: resistance spot welding of sheet metal, smoothing of sheet metal with dent spotters (nails or washers), local heating (carbon electrode), screw and rivet welding, dent removal of stainless steel sheet.

Product-ID: tecna-welding-station-3450

Category: Spot welding

Tags: Tecna Body repair


  • TE95 synchronous digital welding control with double program, setting of welding time in cycles and pulses; setting of welding current and compensation function.

    Simultaneous connection of two tools with automatic recall of the corresponding welding program, saving time and avoiding errors in terms of simple and safe operation.

    The equipment of the welding station with epoxy-coated transformers includes:

    • Article 3873 extra-flexible welding cables L= 2000 mm, 150 mm2 (water-cooled cables on request).

    • Article 3489 - Height adjustable trolley with shelf and arm holder.

    • One pair of standard arms, L=107 mm.

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