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Tecna welding guns with suspension

Welding guns with suspension - Article 3321-3328 - 16 to 38 kVA

Category: Spot welding

Tags: Tecna Spot welding gun


  • Air operated welding gun with suspension and integrated TE300, TE470 or TE480 microprocessor welding control.

    Welding guns with suspension

    • High productivity due to rational design, compact dimensions, high welding performance.

    • High electrical efficiency.

    • Reduced installation costs.

    • Fully enclosed, rubber protection for easy and safe operation.

    • Cardanic suspension on sealed bearings, which together with a balancer allows precise handling in any position.

    • Rotation lock.

    • Wide range of arms to equip the welder according to work requirements.

    • Chrome copper electrode holders for lifetime heavy duty operation, for straight cut and angle cut.

    • Adjustable electrode gap, adjustable short working stroke for heavy duty operation.

    • Temporary overstroke to reach the welding area.

    • Long working stroke for welding reinforcements, ribs and for working in hard-to-reach areas.

    • Water cooled transformer with epoxy coated windings.

    • Water-cooled arms, electrode holders and electrodes.

    • Synchronous SCR contactor isolated from the cooling water circuit with a protective thermostat.

    • Lubrication-free chrome-plated cylinder and shaft for lifetime heavy-duty operation.

    • Safety device on handle to prevent accidental triggering.

    • Equipped with a grounding switch with safety control.

    • Easy maintenance replacement of the supply cable; the welder does not need to be opened for this purpose.

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