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Tecna T-Spot 120 Combi welder

TECNA Combi welder

Product-ID: tecna-t-spot-120

Category: Spot welding

Tags: Tecna Body repair


  • T-Spot 120 is a welding machine for body repairs. It combines two different functions in one generator: steel dent spotter and double-sided spot welding for non-structural sheet metal.

    Multifunction gun for sheet metal dent removal, rivet welding and local heating with carbon electrode. One button allows remote quick program selection and precise setting. Auto-start function allows automatic start of the welding process as soon as the torch touches the sheet.

    Optional type "C" gun for double-sided spot welding for non-structural sheets.

    EasyOne Sx2 microprocessor control ensures easy and quick adjustment of the machine via a graphic LCD display.

    In addition to the manual setting modes, it offers several optimized welding programs to perform the most common operations, as well as a simple setting with synergy curve.The time setting in half periods allows more precise work.

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