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Tecna 67xx – 90-315kVA

TECNA spot and projection welders 90-315kVA

TECNA spot welders are specially designed to meet all spot welding requirements.

Category: Spot welding

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  • This range of welders can be equipped with the help of wide mechanical and pneumatic configurations that consequently meet all the customer's requirements, maintaining the high mechanical rigidity that makes these units the top choice when the highest quality of welding results is required.

    These units can be configured according to 4 different mechanical frames, differentiated from each other by their structural strength, and for spot, spot projection and projection welding processes. The arm distance varies from a minimum of 300 mm for projection welding to a maximum of 1500 mm, for spot welding.

    There is a very wide choice of cylinders, from the smallest with 736daN at 6bar to the largest with 5509daN at 6bar.

    Depending on the application, transformers are available in sizes 90-160-200-240-315 kVA.

    The TE700 control system offers 6 operating modes, allowing selection of the optimum welding process for any welding material. Precise and constant operating pressure is ensured by implementing a proportional valve in the compressed air circuit. This proportional valve can be programmed directly via the control and makes it possible for each program to be assigned its own pressure value.

    Main Features:

    • Overload protection switch

    • Flow monitor that stops the welder when the cooling water is not circulating and valve that stops the cooling water flow when the unit is off.

    • Water-cooled transformer, plates, electrode holders and electrodes.

    • Transformer with epoxy coated windings.

    • Cylinders with chrome-plated shafts for lifetime heavy-duty operation; adjustable rotation lock.

    • Cylinders with prismatic shanks are also available for high-precision work.

    • Lubrication-free, environmentally friendly cylinder Compressed air components to prevent release of oil mist.

    • Double-stroke cylinder with key control or compressed air pedal.

    • TE700 microprocessor control that allows storage of up to 300 weld programs.

    • Optional USB memory port.

    • Instructional electric foot controller that allows workpieces to be clamped and welded only when properly positioned (standard on spot and spot/projection weld versions).

    • Connection preparation for an additional foot pedal for direct call-up of the second welding program, which is particularly helpful for different welding operations on one workpiece.

    • On all models: Two-hand safety control with timer for optimum safety and removable selector switch. (Standard equipment on spot and spot/projection welding versions).

    • Compressed air circuit with low pressure creep-in time (optional), especially for projection and spot welding of delicate components.

    • Position sensor (optional), which measures the original material thickness and checks the presence and allowable dimensions of the welding materials before welding. It can also measure the penetration of the electrodes at the end of the welding process. The delivery of the welding current can be interrupted when the set penetration depth is reached

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