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Tecna 6073-6075 – 56kVA

TECNA Spot and projection welders - 6073-6075 - 56kVA

Spot and projection welders with water-cooled transformer, plates, electrode holders and electrode; transformer with epoxy-coated windings.

Category: Spot welding

Tags: Tecna Spot welding system


  • Main Features:

    • MF welders for high quality welding work.

    • Modular design of the mechanical structure, arms, jaws, cylinder.

    • Cylinder with chrome plated shaft for lifetime heavy duty operation; adjustable rotation lock.

    • Lubrication-free, environmentally friendly compressed air components to avoid the release of oil mist.

    • Adjustable double-stroke cylinder with push-button control.

    • Built-in compressed air filter unit. Compressed air separator.

    • Water-cooled transformer, plates, electrode holders and electrodes; transformer with epoxy-coated windings.

    • Two-stage electric foot starter, allowing workpieces to be clamped and welded only when correctly positioned.

    • Connection preparation for an additional two-stage foot pedal for direct recall of another welding program.

    • Standard equipment on all models: Two-hand safety control with timer for optimum safety and removable selector switch. Buttons with two-hand control are standard on projection welders only (available on request for spot welders).

    • Emergency stop switch for immediate unit stop.

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