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Tecna welding station with inverter technology - 36EZ

TECNA DC welding station with inverter technology

Microprocessor-controlled resistance welding system , fully automatic, for use in body shops.

Category: Spot welding

Tags: Tecna Body repair


  • The welding control works with a digital display with touch screen and allows the setting and monitoring of all welding parameters, depending on the tool and the thickness of the welding sheet.

    The main features of this welder can be summarized as follows: Automatic detection of the connected tool; Welding gun with integrated transformer, which allows the connection of the welding system to an industrial socket and quick connectors, so that the replacement can be done without tensioners and without tools and screws; The main components of the welding gun, i.e. arms, transformer and electrodes are water cooled through a closed circuit, which is housed in the equipment cart.

    The welding transformer is designed and manufactured by TECNA. It is integrated into the welding gun, water cooled, som,it optimizes productivity and the operating cycle.

    The water cooling system acts on the transformer, arms and electrodes, further increasing productivity through a heat exchanger.

    The operating pressure is controlled by a proportional valve, which allows fast, accurate and continuous adjustment of the parameters, ensuring better quality and repeatability of the welding spots. The integrated pressure vessel ensures constant pressure even in the event of supply fluctuations during welding.

    The equalizer manufactured by Tecna has been specially designed for safe, user-friendly operation in workshops.The front wheels give stability to the compact, ergonomic trolley; Equipped with an arm holder at the back and a wide tool tray; The handles ensure easy handling.

    Tecna welding control

    New welding control with touch screen and intuitive graphic diagrams for easy, extra user-friendly use of the device.There are several operating modes to choose from: Automatic Smart Plus mode detects the thickness and type of material and automatically regulates the best current and force values accordingly. In Expert mode, all desired welding parameters are set individually.

    Via the USB interface, all available data of the spot welds can be easily exported and printed out. Likewise, the USB interface is used to update the welding parameters required for new material, parameters developed by TECNA run in collaboration with the leading car manufacturers.

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