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Tecna Infrared Heater 3546

TECNA Infrared Heater 3546

13 kA current 3646 with inverter technology and water-cooled transformer gun

Category: Spot welding

Tags: Tecna Body repair


  • To date, structural adhesives have been used in the automotive industry to attach frames and body panels of vehicles made of various materials. This has led to lengthy and difficult removal procedures, with the risk of damaging adjacent parts as well. The INFRAROT HEATER 3546, however, enables a SIMPLE, FAST and COST-EFFECTIVE procedure.

    With the Infrared Heater 3546, TECNA today launches an innovative removal process by infrared heating. A fast and clean process.  The parts in contact with the damaged part remain undamaged and the time to repair the vehicle is significantly reduced.

    TECNA has chosen to use the infrared radiation to guarantee a process safe for the health of the user; Compared to traditional induction heaters, no electromagnetic fields are generated.

    in addition, the special water cooling of the tool also allows comfortable use for a long time without heating too much. Unlike induction heating, infrared radiation allows the processing of all types of materials:

    • Steel

    • Aluminum

    • Carbon fiber

    • Plastic


    • Automotive, bicycle and motorcycle industry

    • Customer service and repair, body shops, damaged chassis and frames, personalizations

    • Reconditioning of racing vehicles

    • Reconditioning of recreational vehicles

    • Technopolymer and composite parts and equipment (Kevlar, carbon fiber, fiberglass)

    • Shipbuilding, woodworking, plastics industry and component manufacturing, when non-homogeneous materials (metals, alloys, glass, ceramics and technopolymer) are bonded

    • Aerospace industry

    • Sports equipment and sporting goods

    Tecna Infrared Tool

    Tecna's 3546 infrared heater uses the focusing of infrared radiation so that the adhesive used to bond the part to be removed is heated quickly and locally, allowing the part to be removed very easily and safely.

    The very fast heating process also results in only limited heat distribution to other parts, avoiding changes to adhesives and paints that are not affected by the repair process.

    The 3546 heater is equipped with a temperature sensor that allows modulating the unit power and thus maintaining a constant temperature.

    Portable, liquid and air cooled units with different shapes and powers to meet different operational requirements.

    Article 8680/IR/01 - Portable probe for calibrating the heater on the surfaces to be treated.

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