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Tecna Balancer | 9520-9525 | 12/70 kg

Counterbalancer 9520/9525 – 12/70 kg

Tecna counterbalancer

Product-ID: tecna-balancer-9520-9525

Category: Spot welding

Tags: Tecna Balancer


    • Grooved and sealed aluminum alloy block construction
    • Stainless steel cable
    • Adjustable capacity with worm screw
    • Additional safety suspension
    • Safety device to prevent the load from falling in case of spring breakage (>3kg)
    • Centrifugal safety device
    • Upper rotating suspension with hook
    • Locking device to block the load at any height
    • Adjustable stroke limiting device
    • Ball bearing tapered drum
    • Cable guide made of anti-friction material
    • Ball bearing upper rotating hook
    • Aligning upper hook
    • Spring-drum assembly

    OPTION F: Braking device

    The equalizer is equipped with clutch and brake, which controls the speed of the drum.

    This option is possible when placing a new order, but cannot be retrofitted if the equalizer is already installed.

    OPTION B: Locking/unlocking device with control from the ground

    OPTION RI: Rotating and insulating device

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