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Tecna Pneumatic Inverter Spot Welders

Pneumatic inverter spot welders - Article 6020D-6021D - 30 kVA

Product-ID: tecna-6020

Category: Spot welding

Tags: Tecna Spot welding system


  • Pneumatic inverter spot welders - Article 6020D-6021D - 30 kVA

    TECNA spot welders are specially designed to meet all spot welding requirements.

    The frame of this series was designed by TECNA to be particularly user-friendly.

    The control unit, the compressed air controls and the pressure gauge have been placed on the top in a user-friendly way.

    The adjustment of the welding time in thousandths of a second allows an optimal setting.

    The supply of welding current is continuous and uninterrupted, regardless of the dimensioning of the welding circuit.

    Welding guns with suspension

    • MF welders, designed for high quality welding work.

    • Chrome copper electrode holders for lifetime heavy duty operation, for straight cut and angle cut.

    • Water-cooled transformer, electrode holders and electrodes; transformer windings with epoxy coating.

    • TE751 microprocessor control with wide screen.

    • (Optional) USB port for data storage.

    • Lubrication-free cylinder and compressed air components to avoid oil mist release.

    • Two-stage electric foot controller to clamp and weld workpieces only when correctly positioned.

    • Connection preparation for an additional foot pedal for direct recall of welding program No. 2. This function is useful when different welding operations are performed on one workpiece.

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