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Tecna DC welding station with inverter 3680

DC welding station with inverter technology

Category: Spot welding

Tags: Tecna Body repair


  • The 3680 welding station is a resistance welding system controlled by an automatic microprocessor developed by TECNA specifically for the car body industry.

    The digital touch screen display of the welding control allows the operator to set and monitor all welding parameters depending on the tools used and the characteristics (material, thickness, number of layers) of the sheets to be welded.

    Welding transformer

    The built-in welding transformer is completely designed and manufactured by TECNA.

    The transformer, arms and electrodes are water cooled by a heat exchanger to further optimize the productivity of the equipment and increase the duty cycle.

    The support arm is equipped with a TECNA balancer designed to ensure both comfort and safety.

    New clamping system

    The new Push-Pull system consists of a patented mechanism that offers some important innovations compared to the traditional systems using Allen keys or fixed external levers:

    • NEW TE40i Inverter WELDING CONTROL with preset main welding programs, also for highly resistant materials, time setting in ms, display of actual welding current, pulses, welding current and automatic compensation.

    • USB port for upgrades and management of welding data on PC.

    • Automatic proportional valve to control the force on the electrodes.

    • NEW EQUIPMENT DESIGN. NEW CARRIAGE with protected wheels for improved stability and ergonomics.

    The NEW EVOLUTION welding systems retain all these features that make TECNA welding systems so versatile and reliable

    • It is integrated into the structure of the gun, virtually eliminating the risk of accidental opening that could damage the gun and the possibility of losing the key, which is not anchored in the system

    • it guarantees more precise and smoother clamping

    • it contains an insulated knob that protects against the risk of short circuits

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