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DC welding station with inverter 3650

DC welding station with inverter technology - Article 3650 Evolution

Category: Spot welding

Tags: Tecna Body repair


  • NEW EVOLUTION DC welding stations with inverter technology M.F. 25 kVA (1000 Hz), equipped with:

    • NEW TE40i Inverter WELDING CONTROL with preset main welding programs, also for highly resistant materials, time setting in ms, display of actual welding current, pulses, welding current and automatic compensation.

    • USB port for upgrades and management of welding data on PC.

    • Automatic proportional valve to control the force on the electrodes.

    • NEW EQUIPMENT DESIGN. NEW CARRIAGE with protected wheels for improved stability and ergonomics.

    The NEW EVOLUTION welding systems retain all these features that make TECNA welding systems so versatile and reliable

    • Independent dual program.

    • Water cooling.

    • Compressed air operation with simultaneous connection of two tools with automatic recall of the appropriate welding program, saving time and avoiding errors in terms of simple and safe work flow.

    NEW EVOLUTION welding systems for car body repairs are equipped with Smart Guns and Fast Guns of the latest generation, the maximum pressure of the air guns is from 320 daN to 450 daN

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