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Lorch MX350

Lorch MX350 MIG-MAG welding machine

In combination with a separate wire feed case, the Lorch MX 350 is optimally suited for mobile MIG-MAG use. In addition, it is also TIG-, electrode- and CEL-capable and can thus be adapted to different tasks accordingly.

  • Resilient:

    Due to its robust and weatherproof housing with IP34 and a drop resistance of up to 60 cm height, the Lorch MX 350 is optimally equipped for mobile outdoor use.

    Performance plus thanks to MicorBoost:

    As soon as the current is reduced by external disturbances, significantly higher voltage reserves can be activated. The result is perfect electrode welding.

    Synergy Mode:

    With switchable MIG-MAG synergy mode for excellent MIG-MAG welding properties, both with mixed gas and CO₂.

    Multi-process and full flexibility thanks to MF-07 wire feed case:

    In combination with the separate MF-07 wire feed case, the MX 350 is also perfectly suited for mobile use. The MF-07 ensures that you are up to all kinds of sheet metal and medium to heavy steel work.

    And to keep you "on your toes" when welding, your case is designed for use with K 300 wire coils. In addition, it is also TIG, electrode and CEL capable and can thus be adapted to different tasks accordingly.

    Basic control panel:

    • "3 steps and weld" operating concept

    • Simple one-button operation

    • Ampere accurate digital display

    • Electrode preselection (basic, rutile and CEL) for optimum welding parameters

    • Hotstart in submenu

  • Details Data
    Mains voltage: 400V 3Ph
    Welding range: 10-350A
    Duty cycle 100%: 230A
    Feeding unit: 4 Roller drive
    Weldable wires steel: 0,6 – 1,2 mm
    Weldable wires alu: 1,0 – 1,2 mm
    Dimensions: 515 x 185 x 400 mm
    Weight machine: 18,6kg
  • Download Lorch MX Series Datasheet


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