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Lorch HandyTIG 180 AC/DC

Lorch HandyTIG 180 AC/DC TIG welding machine

Compact, robust and powerful welding inverter. The low weight and compactness of the Lorch Handy series allows you to work flexibly even in confined spaces.

  • Ruggedness and crash protection:

    Perfect welding results with Lorch HandyTIG 180 AC/DC

    Can lightweight also be robust? Even if the system falls down the stairs or slips off the workbench, it can easily handle it thanks to 80 cm of crash protection.

    Reduced noise level with stable arc:

    In AC mode, the current shape is optimized for maximum stability, very good cleaning effect of the aluminum oxide skin and reduced noise.

    Longevity and resistance:

    The standard protective cover of the control panel and the integrated dust filter guarantee resistance and durability even in rough mounting applications. The special crash protection secures the housing even in case of falls up to 60 cm.

    Job function:

    Job function stores settings for 2 TIG and 2 electrode welds for easy recall when needed. Perfect for repetitive work.

    Electrode welding:

    Lorch HandyTIG 180 AC/DC welders are also suitable for electrode welding. This is supported by the Arc-Force control, which ensures arc stability and the perfect material transition. Sticking or annealing of the electrode is prevented by the anti-stick system.

    Control panel ControlPro AC/DC:

    • "3 steps and weld" operating concept

    • Ampere accurate digital display

    • Stepless current adjustment

    • Job memory for 2 TIG and electrode welding tasks each

  • Details Data
    Mains voltage: 230V
    Welding range TIG DC welding: 5-180A
    Duty cycle TIG DC welding 100%: 130A
    Welding area electrodes welding: 5-150A
    Duty cycle electrodes welding 100%: 130A
    Weldable electrodes: 1,5 – 4,0 mm
    Dimensions: 480 x 185 x 326 mm
    Weight machine (LxWxH): 13,3kg
  • Download Lorch HandyTIG Series Datasheet


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