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KÖCO Inverter 805i-8

Stud welding machine

  • Inverter 805i-8 stud welding machine

    Our robust Inverter 805i-8 makes every welding job a breeze. The welding machine is suitable for stud welding with ceramic ring at a welding range of 2-8 mm, short-time stud welding at a welding range of 2-8 mm and gas-shielded stud welding at a welding range of 2-8 mm. The lightweight weighs only 23 kg and allows a current load of up to 800 A. The connection voltage is 230 volts at high power.


    • Connection voltage 230 V

    • Current and time continuously adjustable in four zones

    • Mobile use

    • Housing dimensions LxWxH (mm): 550x225x470

    • Clear text in LC display

    • User interface 4 languages selectable: German, English, French, Italian

    • Protective gas equipment standard

    • Self-diagnosis for: Overtemperature, short circuit control line, power factor correction and arc breakage

    • Microprocessor controlled

    • Constant current control

    • Re-trip fuse

    • Metal housing, powder coated

    • Connection of automatic components: optional-

  • Download data sheet


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