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Stud welding machine

  • KÖCO ELOTOP 3020 stud welding machine

    With our robust ELOTOP 3020 every welding job becomes child's play! The durable welding machine is suitable for welding areas between 6-25 mm and can be used at a current load of up to 3500 A. The time setting range of this lightweight is a maximum of 2000 ms and offers flexible application possibilities in addition to safe use.


    • Self-diagnosis for: Overtemperature, short circuit control line, line phase failure and pilot current fault.

    • Fully controlled thyristor bridge

    • Microprocessor controlled

    • Constant current control

    • Re-trip fuse

    • Mains connection special voltages (V): optional

    • Control dust-/wet-proof

    • Steel housing, powder coated

    • Protective gas equipment standard

    • Bolt counter: standard

    • Connection of automatic components: optional

    • Menu navigation: multilingual

    • Two-position connection for stud welding guns

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