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Kemper Welding Fume Extraction System WeldFil

Welding fume extraction system WeldFil Compact

The extraction unit is solid and at the same time compact and for production halls and welding shops

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  • Kemper Welding Fume Extraction System WeldFil Compact

    The extraction system is solid and compact at the same time and ideally suited for production halls and welding shops with high welding fume and dust volumes. Supplied ready to plug in and equipped with forklift pockets and crane eyes, the WeldFil Compact is quickly installed as a central extraction and filter system for several welding workstations, cutting systems or welding robots. The KemTex® ePTFE membrane filter cartridges used for ultrafine dusts even capture particles below 0.1 μm, and due to the W3/IFA approval, the WeldFil Compact is also suitable for use when processing chrome-nickel steel.

    Product variants

    • 1250 - 1800 m³/h

    • 2000 - 2880 m³/h

    • 2750 - 3960 m³/h

    • 3500 - 5040 m³/h

    • 4500 - 6480 m³/h

    • 3750 - 7500 m³/h

    • 6000 - 8640 m³/h


    • High levels of smoke/dust

    • Welding and grinding shops

    • Training centers and robotic welding lines

    • Laser, plasma and flame cutting systems

    • Outdoor installation possible


    • Contamination-free dust collection due to compressed air fixation of the dust collection containers

    • Uninterrupted continuous operation due to automatic filter cleaning controlled by differential pressure

    • Low noise emissions due to particularly low noise level

    • High energy cost savings when using the optional automatic suction power control through demand-dependent suction power regulation

    • Convenient operation thanks to intelligent control via touch display with diagnostic system

    • Flexible integration of the control system into third-party systems such as cutting systems due to potential-free contacts

    • Best health protection for employees through use of KemTex® ePTFE filter cartridges with surface filtration


    • Automatic filter cleaning, differential pressure controlled

    • Control via touch display

    • W3/IFA approved

    • KemTex® ePTFE filter cartridges

    • Dust collector with compressed air lifting device

    • Automatic volume flow adjustment (optional)

    Additional equipment

    • Automatic suction power control

    • External on/off

    • Fleet management, remote maintenance and predictive maintenance using stand-alone cloud networking via cellular communications

    • Spark pre-separator - SparkTrap

    • Weatherproof housing for outdoor installation


    • Different supply voltages

    • Different filter areas

    • Different flow rates

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