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Kemper Spark Pre-Separator SparkTrap

Spark pre-separator SparkTrap

Category: Suction technology

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  • Spark pre-separator SparkTrap

    The SparkTrap spark pre-separator reliably prevents sparks, coarse particles and cigarette butts from entering the filter system - with an efficiency of almost 100 percent. The upstream connection of the pre-separator also increases the filter service life by up to 300 percent. The optional spark detection system further increases safety by automatically shutting down the filter system if a limit value is exceeded.

    Product variations:

    • Max. Volume flow 2,500 m³/h

    • Max. Max. volume flow 5.000 m³/h

    • Max. volume flow Max. volume flow 8.000 m³/h

    • Max. volume flow Volume flow 12.500 m³/h

    • Max. volume flow Volume flow 20,000 m³/h


    • In case of increased fire risk

    • In case of sparks

    • During welding, grinding or cutting processes

    • In front of extraction and filter systems integrated in pipelines


    • Drastic reduction in follow-up costs due to longer filter service life

    • Easy integration into existing systems of all manufacturers thanks to retrofittability

    • Savings due to less compressed air consumption and lower energy costs

    • Minimization of fire risk through pre-separation of sparks, glowing particles and cigarette butts


    • Separation of sparks, glowing particles and cigarette butts

    • Swirl nozzle with annular gap spark trap

    • Can be combined with spark extinguishing systems

    • Dust collection container and gate valve in the downpipe

    Additional equipment

    • Support set

    • Wall mounting set


    • Sucked air is set into rotation

    • Sparks and coarse particles are forced outward in the rotating air stream

    • These particles are separated from the rest of the air stream and enter a dust collection container

  • Maximum flow rate 2500 m³/h
    Pressure loss max. 700 Pa
    Depth 410 mm
    Height 1120 – 2620 mm
    Connection Ø 250 mm
    Length 2340 mm
    Weight 69 kg
    Filling volume dust collector 30 L
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