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Kemper hall ventilation CleanAirTower

Kemper CleanAirTower hall ventilation system

Hall ventilation with storage filter and 9,000 m³/h extraction capacity

Category: Suction technology

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  • CleanAirTower SF 9000 hall ventilation system

    The CleanAirTower hall ventilation and room ventilation system is used wherever spot extraction for welding fumes cannot be implemented or is insufficient. The CleanAirTower SF 9000 is equipped with a disposable filter. The tower effectively protects employees and machines from fine dust during welding. The cleaned air remains in the room. The room ventilation system causes minimal air turbulence, which is why the polluted air does not reach uncontaminated areas. The CleanAirTower works according to the layered ventilation principle recommended by the Employer's Liability Insurance Association for hall ventilation.

    * The cloud function and use is free of charge for the first 12 months.


    • Low to medium amounts of smoke/dust

    • Workshops where point extraction is not possible

    • Complementary to point extraction systems

    • Environments with changing dust/fume sources

    • Workplaces, production halls, logistics and storage halls


    • Fleet management, remote maintenance and predictive maintenance using autonomous cloud networking via mobile communications*.

    • Heating cost minimization through air recirculation and air distribution

    • Low risk potential due to foreign bodies

    • Cost-effective, even retrofitting, as no piping is required

    • Short-term increase in extraction capacity thanks to TurboBoost function


    • 360 degree suction radius

    • KEMPER cloud connection via mobile radio*.

    • Slow, low-pulse air circulation

    • Layered ventilation principle, recommended by the employers' liability insurance association

    • Control via touch panel

    • System generates hardly any air turbulence

    • TurboBoost function

    Additional equipment

    • Air monitoring AirWatch


    • Suction of the ambient air via a built-in fan.

    • The cleaned, clean air is discharged at the bottom of the system with a low pulse rate.

    • The warm fresh air transports the welding fumes back towards the intake area and a slow air circulation is created at the workplaces (shift ventilation)

  • Data
    Filter stages 2
    Filter method Storage filter
    Filter area 100 m²
    Filter material Nano-Cellulose
    Separation degree ≥ 99.9 %
    Dust class M
    Basic data
    Suction power 9000 m³/h
    Height 3050 mm
    Diameter 1172 mm
    Weight 446 kg
    Engine power 5.7 kW
    Supply voltage 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
    Rated current 9 A
    Control voltage 24 V, DC
    Sound pressure level 70 dB(A)
    Additional information
    Fan type Centrifugal fan with EC motor
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