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Cougartron ProPlus Weld Seam Cleaner - Set

Weld Seam Cleaner Set

Category: Weld seam cleaning

Tags: Cougartron


  • Cougartron ProPlus offers a unique solution for customers who require a powerful, reliable and portable machine that delivers superior results at:

    • Weld seam cleaning (TIG and MIG)

    • Surface polishing

    • Marking *

    The ProPlus machine is portable, easy to use and guarantees excellent weld cleaning every time! ProPlus can be used for daily cleaning of (1 to 10 mm) TIG welds and (1 to 5 mm) MIG stainless steel welds.

    It owes its performance and reliability to CougarSense - Cougartron's proprietary technology that optimally combines the digital system and hardware to deliver the following:

    • Superior cleaning performance of 300 ° C compared to conventional weld seam cleaners with lower performance of 100 ° C , which are equipped with felt fabric or cloth pads instead of carbon cleaning brushes

    • Intelligent electronics for constant power and uninterrupted production

    • Unique touch control user interface / power display for ease of use and faster machine operation

    The ProPlus machine comes in a starter kit with all the fluids and accessories you need to start cleaning immediately. See below for the complete list of contents.

    Extension cords allow you to use the machine up to 16 m from the power source (extension cords sold separately). This makes ProPlus suitable for both stationary and mobile use.

    * To use your ProPlus device for marking, you must install it with the contents

    • the Basic etch kit (WELC4045) (for units purchased as of December 2019)

    • or the ProPlus etch kit (WELC4035) (for devices purchased before December 2019).

    Scope of supply Cougartron ProPlus Starter Set:

    • Cougartron ProPlus Machine

    • Orange cable with grip - WELC2047

    • Black cable with clamp - WELC2118

    • Cougartron Superbrush (10 pieces) - WELC3146

    • Rod with adjustable sleeve - WELC2226

    • CGT-350 Weld cleaning liquid (1 L) - WELC3083

    • CGT-N5 Neutralization liquid (0,5L) - WELC3120

    • Microfiber cloth - WELC2149

    • Cougartron sprayer (for CGT-N5) - WELC2092

    • Cougartron dip tank (for CGT-350) - WELC2005

    • USB with user manual and safety data sheet

    • Sealed and robust plastic case

  • Weight: 15 kg
    Dimensions W x H x D: 220mm x 318mm x 180mm
    Input power / output power: 110V (230V) / 14V, 50 Amps
    Application: Weld cleaning, passivation, electropolishing, marking
    Weld seam cleaning process: Electrochemical
    Metal type: Stainless steel, aluminum
    Welding type: TIG - light and dark (up to 10mm), MIG - light (up to 5mm)
    Recommended brush type: Powerbrush 0-30 Amps, Superbrush 30-50 Amps
    Maximum number of brushes: 2
    Material: Splash-proof, permanently sealed plastic housing
    Portable: Yes
    Warranty: 2 years from registration
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