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Cougartron Plus Welding Seam Cleaner - Set

Welding seam cleaner set

Product-ID: cougartron-plus

Category: Weld seam cleaning

Tags: Cougartron


  • Cougartron Plus is an efficient and user-friendly electrolytic machine that is used safely and quickly:

    • Weld cleaning and passivation

    • Weld seam and surface polishing

    • Marking and etching

    Cougartron Plus delivers excellent results on smaller stainless steel TIG welds (1 to 5 mm) in smaller production environments. It is lightweight and equally useful for both off-site and on-site use.

    The Plus machine comes in a starter kit with all fluids and accessories needed for immediate cleaning and polishing. See the kit's table of contents below.

    * With the Cougartron Basic Etching Kit (WELC4045 - sold separately), the system can also be used for marking and etching.

    Scope of supply Cougartron Plus Starter Set:

    • Cougartron Plus Machine

    • Orange cable with grip - WELC2047

    • Black cable with clamp - WELC2118

    • Cougartron Powerbrush - Brush (10 pieces) - WELC3101

    • Rod with adjustable sleeve - WELC2226

    • CGT-350 Weld cleaning liquid (1 L) - WELC3083

    • CGT-N5 Neutralizing liquid (0,5 L) - WELC3158

    • Cougartron microfiber cloth - WELC2149

    • Cougartron Sprayer - WELC2092

    • Cougartron acid container (empty)

    • USB with user manual and safety data sheet

  • Weight: 10,46 kg
    Dimensions W x H x D: 220mm x 318mm x 180mm
    Input power / output power: 110V (230V) / 18V, 30 Amps
    Application: Weld cleaning, passivation, electropolishing, marking
    Weld seam cleaning process: Electrochemical
    Metal type: Stainless steel
    Welding type: TIG - Light and dark (up to 5mm)
    Recommended brush type: Cougartron Powerbrush
    Maximum number of brushes: 1
    Material: Splash-proof, permanently sealed plastic housing
    Portable: Yes
    Warranty: 2 years from registration
  • Download data sheet


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