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Cougartron InoxMuscle weld seam cleaner

Weld seam cleaner machine set

Category: Weld seam cleaning

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  • The Cougartron InoxMuscle is a compact and lightweight (only 3.7 kg) electrochemical weld cleaning machine with two operating modes for effective:

    Use InoxPower for safer and faster:

    • Weld cleaning and passivation

    • Surface polishing

    InoxMuscle is an ideal weld cleaner for everyday TIG work in stainless steel (1 to 3 mm) - ideal for DIY, workshops, production and work on the construction site. The cleaning and polishing process with the InoxMuscle machine is very fast, easy and safe. It is a perfect alternative to pickling or grinding.

    Important: Weld cleaning and neutralization fluids are not included in the InoxMuscle machine set. These must be ordered separately.

    IMPORTANT: Weld cleaning and neutralization fluids are not included in the InoxMuscle initial package. These must be purchased separately before you can work with the machine.

    Scope of delivery Cougartron InoxPower weld seam cleaner:

    • Cougartron InoxMuscle - Machine

    • Orange cable with handle - WELC2047

    • Black cable with ground terminal - WELC2118

    • Cougartron Powerbrush (5 pieces) - WELC3101

    • Rod with adjustable sleeve - WELC2226

    • Plastic case

    • USB with user manual

  • Weight: 8,5 kg
    Dimensions W x H x D: 150mm x 310mm x 140mm
    Input power / output power: 110V (230V) / 14V, 30 Amps
    Application: Weld cleaning, passivation, electropolishing
    Weld seam cleaning process: Electrochemical
    Metal type: Stainless steel
    Welding type: TIG - Light and dark (up to 3mm)
    Recommended brush type: Cougartron Powerbrush
    Maximum number of brushes: 1
    Material: Splash-proof, permanently sealed plastic housing
    Portable: Yes
    Warranty: 2 years from registration
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