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Cougartron Fury100 Weld Seam Cleaner

Weld seam cleaner starter set

Category: Weld seam cleaning

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  • Cougartron FURY100 is our new in the line of FURY weld cleaners - equipped with 100 amps of power to remove the most severe forms of oxidation after TIG and MIG welding.

    The FURY 100 is suitable for:

    • Daily and comprehensive cleaning of TIG welding seams

    • MIG weld cleaning (up to 10 mm)

    • Marking & Etching - Available with the Cougartron basic marking kit.

    • Electropolishing - Fantastic opportunity to polish your parts and components in-house!

    The 110 V input power version makes it very portable and useful on job sites where a stronger power input is not available. Despite the lower input voltage, the machine can still clean light and dark MIG welds, making it a unique weld cleaning solution on the market.

    The FURY 100 has the same features as the FURY 200, but with an output of 100 amps. (FURY 200 has an output power of 200 amps).

    • robust and waterproof housing

    • puncture-proof wheels

    • removable handle with cable holders and collection tray for a welding cleaning brush

    • heavy duty cable with Dinse plugs

    • acid resistant control panel

    The FURY 100 delivers twice the operating power of our ProPlus machine, making it an excellent transitional solution for applications where 50 amps is not enough for effective cleaning and passivation - and where the full power of the 200 amp model is not required.

    Note: FURY 100 is best used in combination with two weld cleaning brushes (at up to 100 amps - full machine power), which allow you to clean welds twice as fast. The use of only one brush (for smaller TIG work) is also possible with a power consumption of max. 80 amps. It is also possible to use 4 brushes at the same time, but then the application is only suitable for surface cleaning (no weld cleaning).

    Scope of delivery Cougartron Fury100 weld seam cleaner:

    • Black Ground Cable for FURY Welding Cleaner - 6M - WELC2578

    • Cougartron FURY 200A brush - 10 pack - WELC3149

    • Cougartron Double Brush Rod with Adjustable Sleeve - WELC2448

    • Cougartron CGT-550 Weld cleaning and polishing fluid - 5L - WELC3048

    • CGT-N5 neutralization liquid - 5L - WELC3158

    • Cougartron acid tank - 500ml (empty) - WELC2005

    • Cougartron spray bottle with sprayer (empty) - WELC2201

    • Cougartron microfiber cloth 40x40cm - WELC2149

    • Container with lid - 1L (empty) - WELC5014

  • Weight (only machine): 24 kg
    Weight: 60 kg
    Dimensions W x H x D: 39cm (W) x 64cm (H - Machine unit) / 116,5cm (H - With handle) x 33cm (D)
    Input Power/Output Power: 220-240V AC, 9A – WELC1044, (110-130V AC,15A – WELC1045)
    Application: Weld cleaning, passivation, electropolishing, marking
    Weld seam cleaning process: Electrochemical
    Metal type: Stainless steel, aluminum
    Welding method: TIG - Light and Dark, MIG - Light and Dark (1- 10mm)
    Recommended brush type: FURY 200A brush
    Maximum number of brushes: 1 -4 (depending on the working mode of the machine, amps and the application)
    Material: Splash-proof, permanently sealed plastic housing
    Portable: Yes - removable cart handle, side carrying handles, sturdy wheels
    Warranty: 2 years from registration
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