3D laser cutting machine

Lasaco has been supplying 3D laser cutting systems for cutting plastic back-molded car body interior panels in the automotive sector for over 15 years. Through our experience in laser cutting with robots, we have been able to implement many projects for our customers, which until today work in 24h operation. Through regular maintenance, optimization and servicing of the equipment, this long production time can be guaranteed.

We trust these industrial robot manufacturers

Not just any industrial robot can be used for three-dimensional cutting work. Due to the precision requirements, the occurrence of vibrations of the gearboxes, for example, must be avoided. Deviations here immediately affect the quality of the laser cutting. Cutting systems from Reis Robotics, an experienced company that is now part of the world-renowned KUKA brand, have proven particularly effective for this purpose. Depending on the requirements, we supply any desired system size from industrial robots with integrated laser beam guidance and articulated arm cantilevers to complete laser gantries.

Laser cutting - precise, fast and reproducible

Laser cutting is a so-called thermal cutting process and is suitable for metallic materials such as steel as well as for cutting plastics, glass or ceramics. The micrometer-precise introduction of kerfs is just as possible as the laser cutting of thicker sheets.

This is how laser cutting works

The non-contact process is particularly suitable for plate-shaped material, but also for complex processing of workpieces in 3D. The laser beam generated by the device melts the material to be cut at the point of impact. Any melt residues can be blown out of the kerf by a gas flow to obtain particularly precise and smooth cut surfaces.

Automation solutions for laser cutting systems

Whether you want to use a single robot for flexible handling of your components under a fixed mounted laser or you need a fully automated and complex manufacturing system: Lasaco develops individual solutions for your requirements.

Die Vorteile des berührungslosen Laserschneidverfahrens auf einen Blick:

  • absolutely clean and smooth cut edges

  • No deformation of the components to be machined

  • increase of process speed for 3D cutting tasks

  • optimal material utilization

Robots with CO2 laser for economical laser cutting

Cutting and perforating in three dimensions

In addition to the high quality, the enormous economic efficiency also speaks for production with laser cutting systems. The high working speed combined with optimum precision makes the CO2 laser robot the ideal tool for high productivity. Reworking is much less frequent than with conventional cutting processes because there is hardly any heat distortion in the material.

Integrated beam guidance for CO2 laser

One of the remarkable advantages of a CO2 laser is the high precision of laser cutting. With this process, you get near-perfect results with burr-free cut edges and radius-free contours that require no post-processing. Unlike mechanical cutting processes, you also have no tool wear to worry about with a laser cutting system.

By combining our laser technology with high-quality KUKA industrial robots, precise 3D processing is also no longer a problem. Here, our CO2 laser scores with the innovative technology of KUKA's integrated beam guidance. In addition to actual laser cutting, areas of application also include the perforation of sensitive workpieces such as airbags. In particular, you are ideally equipped for the new challenges of Industry 4.0 with such a system.

Advantages of the KUKA CO2 Laser Robot at a glance:

Integrated beam guidance

Thanks to the integrated beam guidance, the laser beam is always centered on the robot hand. The resulting freedom of movement of the robot even allows laser cutting of extremely complex, three-dimensional shapes.

Constant control of the lenses by LCU

The Lens Control Unit, or LCU for short, constantly monitors the condition of your laser's precision lenses. In the event of contamination or damage to the optical components, the system warns you immediately. This allows maintenance to be carried out in good time, thus avoiding longer (and expensive) downtimes.

Extreme precision and dynamics

High-power lasers weighing up to 400 kilograms can be easily attached to the KUKA CO2 robot. Mounting to the side of the motion axis maintains maximum agility and precision.

Economical in energy and material consumption

The energy consumption can be adjusted entirely according to the individual project parameters. This means that no energy is wasted. In addition, laser cutting is a very material-friendly process because the workpieces cannot deform or overheat.

Wear free cutting tool

No mechanical cutting system offers such an advantage: Due to the contact-free work, the laser is not subject to any wear.

No more time-consuming post-processing

With a KUKA CO2 laser robot, you get absolutely smooth cut edges without burrs. This means you can use the workpieces immediately without any further reworking.

Uniform cutting quality - even after a long time

The cutting results of a laser robot always remain the same, as there are no mechanical forces acting on the components to be processed that could have a negative impact on quality.

Which materials can be cut with the CO2 laser?

Among the many materials that the device can process are:

  • Polyethylene

  • Polypropylene

  • Carbon fiber reinforced plastic

  • Glass fiber reinforced plastic

  • Wood

Die wichtigsten Vorteile im Überblick:

  • The laser robot is perfect for 3D cutting tasks and perforations

  • Optimized for the use of CO2 lasers

  • Lasers with a power of up to 1 kW can be mounted laterally

  • weight-neutral mounting for maintaining the full dynamics and precision of the laser robot

  • integrated beam guidance

  • very flexible

  • constant lens control by LCU

  • complex 3D shapes possible

  • wear-free

  • expandable

  • ideally suited for Industry 4.0 applications

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