Collaborative robots offer advantages over classic industrial robots

For years, we have occupied a strong market position in the field of cobots for welding technology. Together with our renowned partners Universal Robots (UR) and Lorch, we not only deliver first-class solutions for MIG-MAG and TIG welding applications, but also cobots for handling light components.

What is a collaborative robot capable of?

Cobots or collaborative robots are industrial robots that do not completely replace human labor, but - like other tools and machines - usefully supplement it. A cobot therefore works together with a human. Unlike other industrial robots, collaborative robots are not separated from their human partners by protective devices when working, but can work together in their immediate vicinity. This is only possible if there is no risk of injury from the robot's activity (e.g., due to a large swivel range of the robot boom). A cobot has sophisticated sensors that ensure immediate automatic shutdown as soon as it comes into contact with an obstacle.

What tasks is a cobot suitable for?

Collaborative robots are primarily used for handling and welding tasks. Here, the ease of programming and the possibility of rapid integration into running processes have a positive impact. Thanks to the automation of tiring and strenuous tasks, personnel are relieved by the cobot, making more time available for higher-level activities. Productivity and precision can be noticeably increased as a result.

Typical fields of application for cobots

  • Welding work using the MIG-MAG or TIG process

  • exact dosing during the application of auxiliary materials in production (e.g. lacquers, sealants, adhesives)

  • Loading of CNC injection molding and ICT machines with components

  • Performing handling tasks (e.g. packaging, palletizing, loading, bin picking, etc.)

  • Insertion and/or assembly of parts as well as assembly of screws, etc.

  • Quality assurance by taking over testing, inspection and measuring tasks

These are the advantages offered by cobots from Lorch and Universal Robots:

  • greater efficiency of processes and improved safety in production

  • Taking over dangerous, monotonous and tiring work (thus reducing the workload on personnel)

  • reduction of production costs due to higher efficiency and precision

  • easy programming and setup due to intuitive operation

  • Commissioning can be carried out within a very short time

  • significantly less expensive than conventional industrial robots

  • not only suitable for simple tasks, but also for complex tasks

  • fast ROI: collaborative robots pay for themselves in production after less than one year on average

What is the process of cobot programming?

Both the operation and the programming of our collaborative robots are designed to be very simple and intuitive. To program a task, the operator only has to move the robot arm to the desired position and save it as a spatial point in each case. The latter is easily done via the touchscreen panel. The robot then reproduces the programmed motion path absolutely perfectly. This innovative type of programming can be carried out reliably by auxiliary personnel without the need for extensive training.

The Cobot becomes your newest team member in the welding team

Cost pressure, technology gaps and a shortage of skilled workers are putting enormous pressure on Industry 4.0, especially in recent years. With a collaborative robot in the team, you can relieve your existing employees precisely and use your resources optimally. An increase in productivity and profitability is almost inevitable through the use of the Lorch-Cobot Welding Package. Less scrap and rework, lower costs, reproducible production results in constant quality and unit output are just some of the advantages of this technology. It also makes the workplace more attractive to young, talented professionals who want to work with robotics in Industry 4.0.

The all-round package for your welding automation:

Lorch-Cobot Welding Package for MIG-MAG and TIG

Have you been thinking about automating your welding production for a while? Then you should take a closer look at the Lorch Cobot Welding Package. This complete package solves your problems and combines the technologies of Universal Robots with the welding technology of Lorch.

  • first-class robot technology from UR, the market leader for cobots

  • innovative and reliable welding technology from Lorch

  • intuitive Cobotronic operating software from Lorch

  • comprehensive service offer with perfect support by the professionals from Lasaco

With the Lorch-Cobot-Welding-Package you get a real all-inclusive solution, which is suitable for MIG-MAG welding tasks as well as for demanding TIG problems.

Perfection - reproducible again and again

The Lorch Cobotronic software automatically supports you in determining welding parameters. Simply enter the material to be processed, the wire used, gas, and the a dimension. The robot does the rest.

Simplest programming due to Free-Drive

Through simple manual guidance (Free Drive), the welder can specify the exact weld spot positions to the industrial robot. Intermediate steps and division into sections are also possible. Moreover, unnecessary walking distances can be avoided by using the optional multifunction flange for direct programming at the 6th robot joint.

Flexible and more secure

The safety concept guarantees that the operator is never within the movement radius of the robot arm during welding operation. This safety feature allows the welding cobot to be used much more flexibly than traditional industrial robots, because there is no need for space-occupying safety cages, etc.

Innovation according to desire

The package includes Lorch's innovative MIG-MAG speed processes, which always ensure optimum quality and efficiency in production. The welding process can be adapted as required, for example by using the extremely efficient TwinPuls XT program, which can be used to produce very beautiful TIG-look seams within a very short time.


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